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[COMMISSION] Nikki Babysits :iconpilmurd:pilmurd 16 1
Mature content
Insatiable :iconinvizking:InvizKing 111 26
Mature content
Unrestrained Gluttony :iconoverlordofnobodies:overlordofnobodies 95 2
Alicia's Gluttony Part 2
A great plate of kebab meat met her hands first; she scoffed it and threw it away, nearly breaking the plate in the process. After that she couldn’t see, she could just taste. She groped wildly with her hands and then thrust any contents into her face. Sometimes she came across packaging, and she had to throw that away to stop herself eating it. Biscuits came and went in vast quantities, chocolate passed her lips by the kilo, cakes the size of her head were put away in seconds, and all the time Alicia could do nothing. She needed the food.
Plates of chips, crisps, great big meats that could have fed a family, all coming and going before Alicia had time to think or savour. Pastries and pies met her with her approval, packs and packs of cream buns, iced donuts, more chocolate and so much, so much fat and calories that to try and measure it as it went down was meaningless.
Alicia thought that surely she would feel that sensation that she was being filled, that one in the pizza place
:icon42pizzas:42pizzas 55 5
Emily's Belly
This is a short story about a girl I used to date called Emily.  Emily was a short, slightly chubby girl with dark brown hair and one day, Emily had come around to my house for a couple of hours and we were just laying on the bed.  She had just come from pizza hut with her friends and felt a bit full.
I had lay with my head on her belly before and it was always noisy but I really wanted to hear what it sounded like when it was full of food.  I put my hand up her shirt and moved it up so her belly was on show.  Her tummy looked no bigger than usual, and it was still soft and fleshy rather than hard with food which I had been expecting.  Her belly had always been quite pudgy, and she had a tiny navel with a small piercing she got when she was a bit thinner which I always thought looked squashed by the extra chubbiness when she had gained.  She was also wearing jeans which dug into the flesh of her lower tummy.
I patted her stomach playfully and a loud slosh
:icontestguy2424:testguy2424 40 3
Mature content
A hungry fox and seven tasty kids (Mangle vore) :iconrednastyfox:RedNastyFox 60 41
Mature content
Chica's frenzy (vore) :iconrednastyfox:RedNastyFox 63 35
Hunger of the Goddess Part 3 by Dragon-Ex
Mature content
Hunger of the Goddess Part 3 :icondragon-ex:Dragon-Ex 42 21
If vore was real - would you like it or fear it?
This popped in my head and I thought it'd be interesting to know. Here's the synario: humans could swallow over humans WHOLE (not hard vore/cannibalism) they get a huge belly, digest, gain weight.
OR a giantess - swallowing mass amounts of people, digesting.
If this was real, and there were people out there doing it unsuspected - would it still be a fetish or more of a fear? Think long and hard (giggety) over this. Just as a reminder, this means you'd be digested - you wouldn't exit it, you wouldn't stay there forever - digested.
Oh and - my view, it'd be more of a fear factor than a fetish. I find vore appealing because it's impossible therefore interesting.
:icondvartists:DVArtists 9 105
Galaxy girl by Fifteen1413 Galaxy girl :iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 89 4 An Adorable Demoness by Fifteen1413 An Adorable Demoness :iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 83 7
Mature content
Bad Luck Turnaround :iconsibon13:sibon13 47 31
Kaori vs Samantha for the Belly Championship
Fifteen year old Kaori was shopping in town for school books by order of her parents. Many boys on the
street stopped to look at the beautiful asian-american girl. Her beautiful black hair and brown eyes
attracted the attention of many guys also shopping in the area. She wore a grey tank top shirt and blue
shorts as she looked around for the book store.
she spotted the book store and right next to it was a new restaurant. It was the biggest building on the
street. *GRRRRRR* Kaori's currently empty belly let out a growl of hunger. It was currently thin looking but
looks can be deceiving. Kaori approached the restaurant right as her cell phone began to chime. "Hello?"
Kaori picked up her cell phone.
It was her father on the phone. "Kaori, have you gotten those school books yet?" Her father asked. "I'm
sorry dad. I was distracted. There's this new restaurant open and I want to..." Kaori started. "No! My
wallet is still crying from the last time you went to a 'new' restaurant. You are to b
:iconmangavore:Mangavore 14 9
Mature content
Sailor Uranus Devours the Universe :iconmangavore:Mangavore 35 29
Namine belly stuffing
Namine discovers belly stuffing.
After putting Sora, Donald, and Goofy to sleep after messing with there memories in Castle
Oblivion, Namine found herself very bored. She had moved them to a old mansion in Twilight
Town but for the most part Namine was lonely and did what she always would do, draw. She
drew a picture of Sora asleep, she drew a picture of Sora with Riku and Kairi, she drew
a picture of Roxas, Sora's Nobody along with Axel and Xion, and to her delight she drew
a picture of herself killing Marluxia and Larxene as she hated them. The last picture used
up all of Namine's paper for writing. "I'm out of paper. Now what do I do?" Namine looked
around the empty mansion it was boring and uneventful she found herself humming tunes and
tapping on window's but none of this kept her entertained for long she needed paper for
drawing. Finally Namine decided to get out of the mansion and explore Twilight Town. "I
suppose there's no harm in getting out for a bit. Sora's not going anywhe
:iconmangavore:Mangavore 67 22
Namine's Belly Test. Part 1.
Kingdom Hearts Vore: Namine's final belly test. Part 1.
Another day had passed for Namine as she remained in her Twilight Town mansion, drawing
various pictures. Her favorite was of herself eating her most hated enemies Larxene and
Marluxia of the Organization. She had no real feelings for any of them, but these two
she hated and so she always drew herself eating them and it put a smile on her face for
the boring days of staying in the mansion. She went down to the mansion's basement to visit
Sora. Sora was still asleep in his pod where Namine was to restore all his lost memories.
"Hi Sora. I've had some really fun hobbies these past few days, want to hear about them?"
Namine asked the pod in which Sora slept in. When there was no response Namine went on
talking as if he could hear her regardless. "In these past few weeks I have swallowed
nearly 100 different town's people in the town. You wouldn't know it by looking at me."
Namine said looking at her stick thin body as it was in it's
:iconmangavore:Mangavore 38 18



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