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Kiki the Sky Pirate
 The skies were lovely today. The kind of skies that whispered calm breezes, that bore wispy cirrus clouds, and shone bright blue like the seas that had dried up all those years ago. A dream sky, if there ever was one.
 There were no hostile ships to be seen, no incoming fierce gusts of wind, and plenty of beautiful sky-fish to be caught today. All perfect sailing conditions for one particular airship to cruise right on in and have itself a fine day of hunting all on its own.
 And what a beauty that airship was. The Glittering Gull, as it was called, an obvious reference to the giant seagull's head an' beak that perched at the front of the ship. Its planks were polished and burnished a soft golden-brown, shining in the early midday sun. Its wings were mounted perfectly to the sides, black-tipped end feathers cresting the gorgeous pearl-white ones as both worked to keep the body of the boat in the dream sky. Atop its golden mast, a flag of a bloody seagull's beak p
:iconzhermanzays:ZhermanZays 24 6
The Other Breakfast by Go-Tee The Other Breakfast :icongo-tee:Go-Tee 205 4
Mature content
The Benefactor (MASS VORE) :iconpilmurd:pilmurd 24 7
Table Eighteen
    On the last Thursday of every month, Dakota Umbridge occupies table eighteen. The legs of the table wobble, and it sits in the highest corner of the restaurant’s two levels; the land servers forgot. The first time she came in, she had to politely remind us of her existence.
    I’ve since become more attentive.
    The Old Oak Tavern is a refurbished eighteenth century house; it has sturdy old bones, and lives on the outskirts of Braxton University’s campus. Thursday has never been too popular. A live DJ was brought in last year to capitalize on student pub night, but the idea sent people out instead of bringing them in, as if the old guard of the pub’s soul had rankled at the new attempt at marketing.
    Tuesday’s wing night draws a crowd, and Friday and Saturday are as rowdy as you’d expect. So we decided to cut our losses and do a Thursday night buffet – cheap fr
:iconnickbloom:NickBloom 77 13
Lady Audrey's Appetite
 The castle's grand dining hall shone with torches, illuminating the large oak dining table placed on a soft fur carpet at the center. Delicately paneled windows surrounded the room, letting in glossy columns of the soft evening light. While the kingdom's villages and plazas rustled with the noise and commotion of the commonfolk, the dining hall was solitary and stoic.
 Suddenly, its silence was shattered with the sounds of the great wooden doors swinging open, as a lone woman strode gracefully towards the single seat positioned at the tablehead closest to her. With little difficulty despite being in a well-tailored skirt, she seated herself in the comfortable pseudo-throne and folded her hands gently onto her lap, gazing down at her reflection in the shiny plate set before her.
 This fair maiden was known to many as Lady Audrey, a noblewoman of the resident kingdom who was related in some part to the queen; though the actual relation in question was a mystery, she was r
:iconzhermanzays:ZhermanZays 84 23
[Comm] Kyosei by angelgts [Comm] Kyosei :iconangelgts:angelgts 410 16 Bottom Heavy by Saxxon Bottom Heavy :iconsaxxon:Saxxon 386 5 Samantha - The magic trick - 09 by Paogordo
Mature content
Samantha - The magic trick - 09 :iconpaogordo:Paogordo 119 50
Sketch commission - Trish's belly 3 by Freimgul Sketch commission - Trish's belly 3 :iconfreimgul:Freimgul 38 16
Mature content
The Secret Beach :iconpilmurd:pilmurd 24 3
Pokemon Vore: Iris's Belly Factor.
Pokemon Vore: Iris's Belly Factor!
A new fashion sense had taken the Pokeworld for females. It had been dubbed by many fans as the Belly Factor.
Girls with giant sloshy bellies would get to be put on the cover of magazines, get special discounts at all
shopping buildings, and every single male alive seemed to love looking at the bellies. It was like a force had
taken over them. In Opelucid City, Iris was sitting on a bench with a bunch of magazines. Her trusty Pokemon,
Axew, was in her hair.
"Axew look at all these belly models." Iris said. The Kanto addition had Misty, Sabrina and Erika on the cover
with giant bellies. She looked through the Sinnoh one to find Candice, Maylene and Gardenia on the cover. They
were doing action poses with their massive bellies sticking out from their thin bodies. Iris showed Axew the
Hoenn addition magazine. Flannery, Winona, and Roxanne were all side by side on the cover with large bellies.
Finally Iris flipped through the Contest addition magazine. Ma
:iconmangavore:Mangavore 94 46
Mature content
Gretel - Chapter 8 (BE, WG, Stuffing) :iconspartacusda:SpartacusDA 4 0
Mature content
Of Egg Salad and Cooties :iconcopperbolt:Copperbolt 7 5
Mature content
The Garden of Eatin Part 2 :iconcopperbolt:Copperbolt 17 5
Mature content
Flower Child :icongo-tee:Go-Tee 80 4



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